Oral Cancer

Cancerous growth occurring within the structures of the oral cavity is known as Oral Cancer The oral cavity includes the mouth and all the structures within it such as the tongue, teeth ,gums ,lower jaw etc

Cancer is an abnormal disorganized growth of cells in the tissue of a person . Cancer cells keep on multiplying without paying head to the body’s command to stop. This abnormal  growth of cells destroys the normal structure and the function of the affected tissue and the body in general .

Among other cancers oral cancer is  one of the most common causes of death. In male, oral cancer represents 4% of total body cancer and in female; it is 2% of all cancers. Majority of the oral cancers affect the outer layer of mucous membrane covering the oral cavity.


Cancer in the mouth does not occur overnight. It occurs as a series  changes within the tissue , which eventually promotes the development of cancer.

The factors involved are:
1. Tobacco
2. Alcohol
3. Syphilis (a sexually transmitted disease caused by a  bacteria)
4. Nutritional deficiencies.
5. Virus infection
6. Sunlight
7. Other miscellaneous factors such as trauma, heat, and irritation from sharp teeth, poorly restored fillings and ill-fitting dentures.



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