Receding Gums

Do your teeth appear longer than usual? Are you teeth sensitive when you drink anything hot or cold? . If yes, you might actually be the victim of receding gums. A condition normally seen occurring with age, but can also occurs in younger individuals.

1. Age: Gradual changes of the gingiva due to minor trauma and infection over the years can lead to down ward displacement of the gingiva.
2. Faulty brushing techniques may also result in receding gums.
3. Abnormally tilted teeth.
4. Strong band of muscles in the mouth may be attached to the gingiva, the constant contraction of which may result in receding gums. e.g. A small strip of muscle band is present between & above the two upper central anterior teeth. If this strip of muscle is too thick it can cause an upward displacement of the gingiva resulting in exposure of the roots of the teeth.

An unsightly smile due to exposure of the roots of the teeth as a result of downward displacement of gingiva.

          -  Sensitivity of the teeth to hot or cold food items.
          -  Food getting stuck between the roots of adjacent teeth.

The level of the gingival in relation to the tooth diagnoses this condition. If the level of gingiva is below the line, which separates the crown of the tooth from the root, it is diagnosed as gingival recession.



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