How long does it take?

With in-office bleaching the results are instantaneous. With tray bleaching most people will notice a change in the color of their teeth the first night they bleach. Tray bleaching takes about 7-10 days to show complete results.
Are there any side effects?


Some people may experience a transient sensitivity to cold items during the process of bleaching. This disappears soon after the treatment is finished. However you can decrease the frequency of wearing the trays to cut down or eliminate the symptoms. Your dentist may also choose to prescribe a fluoride gel that you can  wear in the trays for extreme sensitivity. It is important to note that all symptoms are temporary while you are bleaching. There are no long-term harmful effects to bleaching.

How long do the results last?


Teeth will stay bleached permanently. However depending on your habits, you may need a touch up treatment once every 6 months. If you smoke, drink tea, or coffee your teeth will stain faster therefore requiring more frequent treatment.


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