Fixed bridges

What are fixed bridges?

Missing teeth can be replaced in three ways

  • By placing artificial teeth that can be removed by the patients according to their convenience. E.g. Partial and complete removable dentures

  • Using fixed bridges where in the artificial teeth are fixed to the adjacent normal teeth present on either side of the empty space. 

  • Implanting small metal post in to the jawbone on to which the artificial teeth are fixed.

 A bridge is a replacement tooth that is supported and attached by a Crown on either side of the space. The two side teeth (anchor teeth) or Abutments are prepared to provide support for the bridge

Why is replacement of missing teeth essential?

Teeth in the oral cavity depend on each other and on the adjacent soft tissues (e.g. tongue and cheek) to remain in place. When a permanent tooth is lost due to  tooth decay or due to injury, the adjacent normal teeth drift in to the space created by the missing tooth making them more prone to tooth decay and gum problems (due to difficulty in maintaining hygiene).

The other problems faced are:

  • Difficulty in chewing

  • Reduced clarity in speech

  • Changes in the facial appearance due to the collapse of facial features.


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