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How does the condition present itself? 

Bleeding of the gums may occur with or without associated pain .The pain if present is usually  dull in nature.

Bleeding is usually noticed during brushing, or in the saliva,while spitting.
Eating of any coarse food items may induce bleeding.

  How it is diagnosed?

The dentist, using an instrument called probe, diagnoses this condition. This instrument is a sharp thin metal which , when passed along the margin between the tooth and the gum causes spontaneous bleeding. Blood tests taken show any problems with the clotting mechanism, if present.

How are bleeding gums treated?


If long standing inflammation is the cause of bleeding then removal of the source of bacteria will result in improvement of the situation. If the source is mild to moderate in collection. Proper maintenance of the teeth by the patient is more than sufficient. If the source is moderate to severe in collection then professional help is required. Serious systemic problems might have to be treated to correct bleeding from these diseases.

MORE INFORMATION Bleeding gums are indication of a slowly progressing disease of the gums, which may further involve the bone supporting the tooth and ultimately result in tooth loss.

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