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Oral Cancer

Signs and Symptoms:

Oral cancer may initially present  without  any symptoms. Patients are most often identified only after a significant  progression of the disease. Discomfort is the most common symptoms that compels a patient to seek medical care. Patient may present with any of the following symptom:
∑ Awareness of a mass present or growing within the Oral 
∑ Difficulty in swallowing.
∑ Toothache.
∑ Pain in the ear.
∑ Limited mouth opening.
∑ Excessive bleeding which is not seen that commonly.
∑ A non-healing ulcer in the oral cavity.
∑ Swelling on the gums interfering with the seating of the 
  dentures in the mouth.
Majority of oral cancers involve the tongue, the posterior region of the oral cavity and the floor of the mouth. The lips, gums, the under surface of the tongue and the palate (bones separating the mouth from the floor of the nose) are less frequently involved.

Warning signs of Oral Cancer:

Certain pre-cancerous lesions occurring in the oral cavity may indicate the personís susceptibility to cancer. These lesions can be in the form of
∑ White patches in the mucous membrane covering the oral 
  cavity and along the lateral border of the tongue, which 
  cannot be removed by rubbing the affected area.
∑ Red patches seen on the mucous membrane lining the mouth 
  and the tongue.
∑ Increase in fibrous content of the mucous membrane lining 
  the cheek, which presents itself as thick fibrous bands       
  running along the inner aspect of the cheek. Commonly seen 
  in betel nut  chewers this condition results in inability to 
  open the mouth.

All the above lesions will cause a burning sensation when consuming spicy food.

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