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Oral health: The First Reflector of AIDS

AIDS and the mouth

Kaposi's Sarcoma

Kaposi's Sarcoma is a malignant tumor that occurs most often on the palate and on the gums. It is again a diagnostic feature of AIDS. It occurs almost exclusively in homosexual males, and the male: female ratio is 20:1. The condition is usually painless and takes on a brownish or a purple hue after sometime. Most often Kaposi's sarcoma is present only in the mouth.

Oral Pigmentation

In most cases of AIDS, there is increased pigmentation in the oral cavity. The areas affected in succession are the gums, the tongue and the palate. Most often drugs like ketoconazole and zidovudine are responsible for this condition. The pigmentation is usually brownish-black in color.

Gum Disease

It is natural to expect that any condition that lowers host immunity to affect the gums. So also is the case with AIDS. Both Gingivitis-- of the gums, and Periodontitis--inflammation of the tooth-supporting tissues, is a manifestation of AIDS. The inflammation of the gums appear inflamed in a straight line. The inflammation of the tooth-supporting tissues varies widely and could range from a simple inflammation to a complex one, involving loss of a number of teeth. Both conditions are very painful and traumatic.


The line of treatment for the above conditions is usually symptomatic. The fact is that as of now there is no known treatment for AIDS and the Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART) remains the only recourse.


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