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Thumb Sucking

2. Extra oral method: 
The other simple methods are:

Painting the child’s thumb or finger with an unpleasant tasting substance.

Tapping the thumb with plaster so as to prevent thumb sucking.

The above-mentioned methods will succeed depending upon the attitude of the parent. The parents should in someway reward the child for “growing out of the habit” during the procedure both by their action and by a small token prize.

This will make a deep impression on the child and orient him towards completely breaking of the habit. The parent should also be warned that there is always the possibility that a more deleterious habit will spring up in its place if the present one is suppressed. 

3. Intra oral methods: 
This is done by fabricating appliances, which are then fitted into the mouth of the child by the dentist. They are normally viewed as punishment devices by the child there by sometime producing severe emotional disturbances. If the appliances are going to convert a happy youngster into a nervous child overnight, it is not worth it.


There are other oral habits, which should be brought to the notice of the child’s dentist. These habits are lip sucking, tongue thrusting, nail biting, mouth breathing and bruxism.
All the above-mentioned habits will definitely takes its toll on the teeth. Therefore, early identification and treatment of these habits are necessary to ensure a good set of teeth and a lovely smile.

Is thumb sucking a natural habit?
Yes, thumb sucking a natural habit until the age of 4. Continuation of the habit beyond the age of 6 will result in mal-alignment of teeth. Most children will give up this habit by themselves, but in cases where this doesn’t occur a dentist should be consulted.
Is there any other effect of thumb sucking other than that on the teeth?
Sucking on a dirty finger can make the child prone to infection, as during this stage children normally tend to play with sand or dirt.

Bruxism- Grinding of teeth.


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