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Tooth Discoloration

Tetracycline administration durin pregnancy can lead to  discoloration of teeth as the tooth erupts in the newborn. 
Depending on the severity, discoloration can range from  yellow -orange in mild cases and bluish gray in the most  severe cases.

Flurosis is a condition seen in places with increased fluoride content in the drinking water. Beyond a certain level, fluoride can cause yellow staining of teeth.

 High fever due to childhood infections can lead to areas 
 of poor calcification within the teeth resulting 
 in the appearance of prominent white spots.
Extrinsic stains can be classified based on color of the stain into:
Brown stains: It is caused by a thin translucent, 
   bacteria free layer covering the teeth. It is seen in
   individuals who do not brush their teeth adequately, or in 
   those who use toothpaste with inadequate 
Tobacco stains: Dark brown or black surface   
   accompanied by brown discoloration of the tooth 
   substance is seen. These stains results from coal tar   
   combustion present in the tobacco and also 
   due to the diffusion of tobacco juices into the substance
   of the teeth.
Green stains: Green to greenish yellow stains, 
   sometimes of considerable thickness is seen in 
   children. It is usually seen in upper anterior teeth and has
   been attributed to florescent bacteria and fungi.
- Orange stains : Occurs in front teeth, and is caused by 
   color producing bacteria.

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