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Orthognathic Surgery


What is Orthognathic Surgery?


Orthognathic surgeries are cosmetic surgical procedures performed on the face to improve the esthetics and appearance. People are becoming more conscious about their looks and are more open to procedures, which helps in improving their appearance. More and more people visit an Orthodontist to improve the alignment of their teeth and there appearance. But there are limitations to what an orthodontist can do, and that is when the role of an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon comes into play in the form of Orthognathic surgeries.


How is the procedure carried out?


Orthognathic surgeries are basically surgeries of the jaws. These surgical procedures alter the architecture of the facial body skeleton and align then in suitable positions so as to attain a final facial profile that is pleasing or infact even more beautiful to look at. Some of these procedures are very simple where as there are others that are more time consuming, complicated and expensive. The duration of surgical procedures varies from one hour to five hours under normal circumstances. Commonly treated deformities of face include severely protruding or stunted upper or lower jaw, correction of deformity of nose etc.


What are the complications and problems associated with Orthognathic surgery?


Orthognathic surgeries like any other surgical procedures have its own complications, although these complications are not as alarming. 

Fatal complications as a result of Orthognathic surgery is very rare, how ever the regular risk of undergoing any surgical procedure under general anesthesia cannot be ruled out.

The first and the fore most problems that an oral and maxillofacial surgeon often comes across is the acceptance by the patient. Sometimes patients find it difficult to get accustomed to his or her new face. 


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