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Braces - 'Look A Little Ugly Today But Beautiful Tomorrow' 

The word 'braces' brings to mind a 'pimply teenager' with a mouthful of wires. This need not be the case though, for increasingly beauty or personality conscious people are going in for braces. This treatment is technically referred to us orthodontic treatment. However some doubts persist as to whether all the pain in the mouth as well as to the purse is really worth it. That really is ultimately the judgment of the individual concerned for all a dentist can do is reassure the patient that his/her teeth and indeed the looks would be enhanced if the teeth were in proper positions and alignment with respect to the rest of the face. Braces are so designed so as to be able to slowly move the teeth to their right positions in the oral cavity in relation to their surrounding neighbors like the tongue, the lips, the cheeks and the palate

Need For Braces 

Braces are not needed routinely is all the cases. Some children inherit a perfect set of teeth from their parents and some inherit a somewhat deformed set. The decision to be given braces should be taken early in adolescence once all the temporary teeth have fallen off and the permanent teeth appear. Look at the picture of the famous singer Celine Dion when she was a teenager and look at her face now to understand the value of braces. I am sure she had the best dentists work on her face. 

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