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Nature of the Treatment

Braces or Orthodontic treatment is usually either -

  • Removable 
  • or fixed 

The fixed type of braces dominates among a large percentage of patients. 

Removable appliances are given when minor corrections are required like tipping a tooth towards its neighbor or even the lips. 

For conditions that cannot be adequately corrected by removable braces, fixed ones are advised. This again depends on the nature of the malocclusion prevailing in the mouth. 

Fixed appliances are bale to deliver forces that are sustained over long periods of time unlike the removable ones. 

Currently fancy wires called optical wires are in vogue. These wires conceal the fact that you are wearing braces since they mimic the colour of the teeth. 

Duration of Treatment

This generally depends on the severity of the malocclusion, that is the number of teeth that are away from their ideal positions. 

  • Simple malocclusion - treatment lasts for about 6-8 months
  • Complex cases - treatment requires 12 months
  • In complex cases many teeth are crookedly placed and have to be extensively moved .
  • Individuals over 25 years and above - the treatment lasts for about 18 months. 

After this there is a period of retention where a holding appliance is given to make sure that bone forms around the teeth that are newly moved. 


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