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Problems and Foods to Avoid

The main problem during the initial days when braces have been placed is the difficulty in chewing. 

It is advisable to avoid fine food like minced meat or mashed food for these get stuck in the braces making it very difficult for the wires to perform their task accurately. 

Contrary to popular belief the wires in the mouth do not cause cancer. These wires are usually made of an alloy called Niti, Nickel and Titanium and are generally safe for use in the mouth. 

Costs of Braces

The pricing varies from region to region depending on the number or dentists in the area as well as the presence of dental colleges in the area.

The costs are considerably lower in dental institutions. An approx estimate is as follows:

Government Dental Colleges - Relatively Free

Private Dental Colleges - Generally charge about Rs 6,000/- for the whole treatment. 

Private clinics charge anywhere between Rs 8,000/- to 
Rs 12, 000/-


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