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Impacted Wisdom Tooth Removal


What is an Impacted tooth?


A tooth is called impacted if it does not assume its proper position and function within its normal eruption time. 

Lack of space in the jaw is one of the chief causes for impacted teeth. In an attempt to erupt, the tooth ends up in haphazard positions. 


Why is there Impaction of teeth seen?


Anthropologists state that the constant increase in size of brain in a man has resulted in the increased size of his brain case at the expense of his jaws. Also the fact that a softer and a more refined diet is being adopted by man has made the need for a powerful chewing system unnecessary resulting in decreased size of jaws .The above-mentioned causes has resulted in an increased tendency for wisdom tooth impaction in the human population.


Should the Impacted tooth be removed?


Not all impacted wisdom teeth give trouble to the patient. It is only the partially erupted wisdom teeth and the ones leaning on the adjacent normal teeth, which giving the maximum trouble. Trouble can be in the form of infection of the tooth and the gum, pain, swelling, inability to open the mouth and in extreme cases tumor growing on a trapped wisdom tooth. Therefore it is advisable to remove a potentially problematic wisdom tooth much in advance than actually waiting for the problem to occur. Removal of a tooth is much easier in a younger patient; therefore putting of the removal for a much later age is not a good idea. 



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