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Orthodontic Removable Appliances

 What are removable orthodontic appliances?


Contemporary orthodontic treatment involves the use of both fixed and removable appliances. Fixed appliances, also known as braces, forms a major part of the orthodontic treatment. Although removable appliance play only a supporting role in comprehensive treatment, they are important in the orthodontic treatment of children.

Removable appliances are appliances, which can be easily removed and reinserted into mouth. They consist of wires and screws held together by a plastic base and are used to move teeth and jaws into better relationships using gentle force.

What are the uses of these appliances?

  • They are useful when small amount of orthodontic correction is required

  • It is sometimes possible to change the way the jaws grow, using orthodontic appliances. A special  kind of removable appliance called functional appliance harness the power of the jaw muscles and can help with certain types of problem.

  • After tooth movement using braces is complete, a retainer (which is a kind of removable appliance) must be worn to hold the teeth and jaws in their new and proper position. The retainer must be worn for approximately one year to help prevent the teeth or jaws from falling back to its original or starting position.

What are the parts of a removable functional appliance?

The removable appliance consists of an active element or elements (i.e. metal wires and/or screws), which exert orthodontic forces on the teeth, and retentive elements (i.e. clasps), which help, in retaining the appliance in the mouth. A plastic plate holds these two sets of elements together. It is more commonly used in the correction of teeth in the upper jaw.


How are the appliances made?
Unlike braces the removable appliances are made in the dental lab. A plaster model is created from an impression of the patient's jaw, over which the appliance is designed and made. The finished appliance is then fitted on the patient.

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