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Orthodontic Removable Appliances

What are the advantages of using a removable appliance?

  • It is inexpensive

  • It is relatively simple to adjust, requiring little clinical time.

  • If the appliance causes the appliance any irritation the patient can remove it.

  • It can be removed for cleaning; therefore oral hygiene is seldom a problem.

  • It may be removed for contact sports; therefore damage to the patient (and appliance) is reduced to a minimum.

What are the disadvantages of using a removable appliance?

  • It tends to be rather bulky and takes sometime to get used to.

  • It is unsuitable for most treatment in the lower arch, as the shape of the lower teeth does not allow the appliance to be satisfactorily retained.

  • Removable appliances can only carry out tipping movements and other drastic movements like the complete rotation of the tooth is not possible.

  • Co-operation of the patient is very essential for the success of the treatment.

  • Results occur much slower when compared to Braces.

How are removable appliances maintained?

  • It must be worn constantly to derive early and good results. It should be removed only during bedtime.

  • When outside the mouth it should be stored in a cup of cold water. Exposure to heat can alter the shape and fitting of the appliance.

  • It should be removed in advance before any contact sports.

  • The appliance has to be removed and inserted carefully to avoid breaking the plastic or deforming the wires.

  • The appliance has to be kept clean. A toothbrush is convenient for this purpose.

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