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There are certain conditions where braces are a must or at least a dental consultation is mandatory -

  • Teeth that are inclined either towards the lips or far away from them.

  • Teeth that are placed inwards towards the tongue.

  • Short lips, meaning that your upper lip does not meet the lower lip when at rest.

  • Lower jaw placed ahead of the upper jaw giving rise to the 'classical handsome looks' that most models die for, but this condition is technically not ideal.

  • Front incisor teeth placed too far apart, giving rise to gaps between them.

  • Crowded teeth - or teeth overlapping each other, most often seen in the lower jaw.

  • Cleft lip and cleft palate.

Timing Of The Treatment

This is most often the question that parents ask of dentists. Ideally, orthodontic treatment utilizes the growing period so as to harness the muscular forces to achieve the desired result. If this is taken into consideration, the ideal time for intervention is between -

  • 14-18 years for girls
  • 14-21 years for boys. 

The difference is primarily due to the fact that the growing period for males extends upto 21 years, while it is 18 years for girls. This does not mean that older individuals cannot go in for braces. Almost anyone can opt for braces at any age, but the duration of the treatment is generally longer for older individuals.


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