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  • To strengthen teeth following a root canal treatment (teeth tend to become brittle and are more apt to fracture following root canal treatment).

  • To disguise the extensive damage caused by the tooth decay.

  • To attach a bridge.

  • To cover a dental implant.

How are crowns prepared and fitted over the tooth?

The procedure may require two to  three office visits

On the first appointment the tooth is prepared by removing 1-1.5mm of outer tooth material called enamel so as to create space to accommodate the crown. Old filling, decay and unsupported tooth are also removed to ensure a solid foundation for the new crown. An impression of the prepared tooth is made, and the appropriate shade of the crown is determined to match the patient's tooth color. A temporary crown is cemented on the prepared tooth until the permanent crown is ready. The permanent crown is fabricated in the dental lab and might take a couple of weeks.

At the second visit, the crown is tried on for fit, shape and color. The bite is checked and adjusted. If all is satisfactory, the crown is bonded to the tooth

What are the common problems faced following the fitting of a crown?

Some time patients may come back with a few  problems after the fixation of the crown. These usually includes pain on biting and sensitivity in which case another appointment is required for minor adjustments of the crown.

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