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History Taking and General Examinations




Any damage to the liver and its related structures, or its functions will show the symptoms of jaundice. Unhealthy liver poses two problems, which concern dental treatment.
There is failure in the breakdown and removal of the drugs taken, before during and after the procedure. This results in poisoning of the body due to increased circulation of the drugs in the system.
Liver produces certain substance, which help in the normal clotting of blood. Thus damage to the liver can also result in increased bleeding.
Therefore it is essential to test the normal functioning of the liver following an episode of jaundice to avoid the above mentioned complication.


Drug Allergies:


Allergic reaction to any drug should be mentioned to the dentist well in advance. Allergic reaction can range anywhere from a simple rash on the body to loss of life within a few minutes after the intake of the drug. If the patient has any fear regarding the medication, allergy tests can be taken to confirm their fear.


Disorder relating to the heart:


 Heart problems such as heart valve disorder, birth defect in the heart, heart attacks etc needs to be seriously evaluated before taking up any dental procedure, which involves bleeding.
For e.g. Dental treatment particularly tooth removal will have to be postponed for a period of six months following an episode of heart attack. The stress experienced during a dental treatment in such a patient is sufficient to trigger off another attack on the dental chair.


The other medical problems other than above mentioned conditions are, Bleeding disorder, Epilepsy, Asthma, Ulcer, Tuberculosis, HIV, Hepatitis, hormonal disorders, Transplants etc.

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